This Life


All I wanted was my dream
Nothing extreme
Happy life
As a happy wife
Sweet husband
Playing with the babies in swings
So far I’ve got close
But in this life
Everything just seems to choke
The man I thought
Was the one
Chose to lay with another
Under the sun
Two dead babies
Sent to heavens gates
If you could see my Soul
On my face
It would be broken
From the base
They say Love is the Key
But it seems to have deserted me

It Still Hurts

Alcoholic sickness
Drug impaired vision
Making every bad decision
Dismantled our relationship like car collision
Partaking in suspicious business
Had cousins bare false witness
Just to fuck around
With the most spineless of bitches
You swear they are nothing
Not even worth a discussion
Your world became fictitious
All your lies made my love diminish
You’re a fucking cynic
Now I’m up in a clinic
Feeling unhygienic
Stepping back regretting our past
You show up begging for forgiveness
Wanting a new beginning from the ash
But my heart still feels like road rash
So hard to forgive while punished by the past
The constant flashbacks of all that white trash
Burned into my memory cache