AAAAHHHHHH!!! I’VE BEEN ACCUSED!!! OF WHAT? … keeping a dirty house in the ghetto while being an evil witch who consorts with a demon entity in my home, but it doesn’t end there. Apparently my bestie is a female named Will and my fiance is a closet gay man who keeps a Cerberus in the basement. ***By the way Cerberus was totally me, truth is I own three dogs not a three headed one. Ya know, gotta make the gossip juicy.***

I know rumors are just away for people to not focus on the cracks of their own life mirror since all truths come out eventually and karma will be served ice cold. But sometimes a little birdie blesses one with tea about yourself and you can’t help but laugh at the bullshit when it’s so far out there with a wrong turn.

The crazier part are the people who are actually saying these things about my life, I wonder if they actually believe the shit they say or are they really just pathetic annoying pimples on life’s ass. POP! POP! EWWW, BIT!

Though, part of me is a little sad that I could not fulfill my part in the rumors, simply because of just how awesome it would be.

Now it’s pretty easy for me to imagine smiting salty bitches with magical lightening bolts from hell and making them shit rainbows outta their asses. In fact, some days I wish it would happen, but rolling around the “ghetto” with a demon riding shotgun, a gay fiance sitting in the back with a female named Will, people are putting a lot of faith in my abilities to lead that kind of life. Talk about next level street cred and movie deals.

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